What makes us different?

  • Accurate diagnoses and thorough test results in the shortest possible time
  • Patient-focused pathology not assembly-line laboratory transactions
  • Strong and personalised relationships referring doctors and open communication lines
  • Adhering to best practices
  • Utilise the most current tests and technologies available
  • Timely reporting by way of the physician’s choice

Our Company

Umane Pathology Inc. is a nimble, female-owned dynamic provider of anatomical pathology and molecular diagnostic laboratory services. Since opening the laboratory in March 2015, we have already established a reputation for providing definitive diagnoses coupled with extraordinary customer service.

Our state of the art laboratory is equipped with the most modern and advanced instruments and equipment. We are well positioned in Pinelands, opposite Vincent Palotti Hospital, which enables Umane Pathology to optimise quality and increase efficiency while positioning us well for continued growth and future expansion.

We run our own courier network which operates 24/7 and covers the greater Western Cape region. Special collections can easily be arranged should the need arise.


What we do

Umane Pathology is able to assist medical practitioners, specialists and generalists, from all many relevant disciplines including urology, dermatology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, nephrology, and general surgery. The following list provides a quick reference to the key
services we provide:


  • Diagnostic biopsies
  • Excision biopsies
  • Resection of regional or organ specimens
    Specimens must be submitted in formalin (10% formaldehyde).

Specialised / Ancillary techniques:

  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Immunofluorescence (direct and indirect)
  • DNA or Molecular diagnostic procedures (incl. cytogenetics.)
  • Electron microscopy
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization
    Please do not add formalin or alcohol to immunofluorescence, molecular or cytogenic samples and contact the laboratory for collection.


Frozen Sections

  • Diagnostic procedure in operating theatre during time of surgery


Slides, cytology fixative spray and slide holders are available from the laboratory. Fluids can be submitted in a urine jar for processing.

  • Gynae
    – Pap smears (conventional or LBC)
    Liquid based Cytology (LBC): Please use a white-topped ThinPrep LBC vial, which are supplied by us with collecting brushes.
    The brush heads can either be rinsed in the fluid and discarded or ‘popped off’ into the LBC container.

    – HPV testing
    Please use a white-topped ThinPrep LBC vial. The test can be done from the same sample submitted for LBC cytology.
  • Non-gynae
    – Fine needle aspirate (FNA)
    – Mucoid specimens
    – Aspirates of fluids (Urine CSF, pleural fluid, abdominal fluid)

We are able to process additional samples for microbiology, renal and bladder stones.

Please contact us for any queries regarding these samples or to arrange urgent collection of fresh tissue.


Our People

Dr de Villiers and Nandipha Mxotyeni have worked together for the past 4 years and leads our highly motivated team of experts which include:

  • Pathologist
  • Medical Technologist
  • Medical Technician
  • Client Liaison Officer
  • Administrator
  • Medical Typist
  • Dedicated couriers

Dr Louise de Villiers

Dr Louise de Villiers


Nandipha Mxotyeni

Our team has on average over 10 years’ experience in the medical and/or pathology field. We intend to grow our staff complement as our supporter base grows, but in the meanwhile, we use a locum pathologist when required.

Being a member of the team at Umane brings with it a sense of partnership, of belonging and of making a difference through excellence and superior service delivery. Non-core activities, such as IT, payroll, accounts and auditing have been outsourced to specialists in their respective fields, leaving us to focus on pathology which is our core competency.


Who pays for what and how?

Our billing is handled by an external billing bureau who distributes our invoices to the relevant medical aids or individuals. Our administrator closely monitors this process in order to ensure that patients are not charged outside of medical aid rates. Enquiries may be directed to We charge medical aid rates and aim to treat private patients with compassion.

Methods of Payment:

  • Electronic Fund Transfer through internet (EFT) by using the banking details listed below and on your account.
    Account Name: Umane Pathology Inc.
    Bank: Investec Private Bank
    Branch: 58 01 05 (Sandton)
    Account no: 10011711380
    Account type: Current
    Reference: Account number
  • Cash and Cheque Deposits Only:
    At any ABSA bank: (NOT ATM)
    Bank: ABSA
    Account Name: Umane Pathology Inc
    Account No: 04088611932
    NB: Reference: UMA___________  (your account number)
  • Cash: Immediate cash settlement of the account at your doctor s rooms. You will receive a receipt as proof of payment.

Contact Us

Whether you want to arrange for the collection of a specimen, enquire about a test result or a patient’s account, please contact us on:


24-Hour Tel:
082 637 5539
Lab Tel:
021 300 6364

021 510 1679


Unit 17, Block C, Park Lane
Office Park, 80 Alexandra Rd,
Pinelands, 7405

Dr Louise de Villiers

Should you have any comments or queries, please contact Louise de Villiers, on or 078 550 6022.